Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Empire Days Parade

You Might Have Thought This Was The Shriners Parade!

I haven't done an exact count but it is a safe bet to say the Shriners had more entries in the 2012 Empire Days Society parade than any other group or organization. When you consider the parade theme this year was "100 Years in Nanaimo" you could expect a good turnout by the Shriners and they did not disappoint.

They have a certain talent for building and then performing in some of the most creative forms of mini-transport you will see anywhere. From antique autos to prop areoplanes their creativity and precision driving skills were a huge crowd pleaser.

More pictures of this years parade will follow. Kudos to all the hard working guys and gals at the Lions club and the Empire Days Society for putting together another crowd pleasing family fun event to kick off the summer festival season in Nanaimo.


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