Thursday, May 17, 2012

$75,000 Severance For Cudahy

Another Generous Parting Gift

The local Daily reports 'inside sources' saying that short term Economic Development Corp. head, Ms. Cudahy will be getting a $75,000 handshake. There is nothing in the article which says what really led to the decision which was described as something neither party wanted in a press release from NEDC.

It would appear that Ms Cudahy decided the position in Nanaimo was not all she had hoped for either that or having to explain the awarding of a contract to a Toronto firm to build a website offended her sensibilities. Perhaps she has simply decided there is too much distance between herself and family, which is a reason given in the press release. Of course, like many decisions made in Nanaimo, the public is left guessing as to how and why their money is being spent as it is.

Is NEDC Really Necessary?

I don't challenge the need for someone to be trying to navigate Nanaimo's economic course for the years and decades to come but question whether this corporation is the right vehicle. Since it's creation you can argue there has been nothing accomplished that was not already being done when Economic Development and Nanaimo Tourism were simply another department at city hall.

The only visible activity of this corporation is the production of the contentious Tourism Nanaimo website, and the production of the Tourism Nanaimo magazine (which was produced by the same local company that have done it for ten years), that and renting some pricey waterfront space beside the Bastion.

NEDC chairman, AJ Hustins is quoted in the Daily as saying the circumstances and severance details will be made public since the corporation is solely funded with taxpayer dollars.

A Few Questions Which Should Be Answered

How much was paid to the 'head hunter' firm that directed Cudahy to Nanaimo in the first place, and is that fee refundable considering the outcome?

What will the fee be to search for another CEO for the NEDC?

Who actually is responsible for hiring Cudahy in the first place? The NEDC board or HR at city hall?

Since " Both parties regret that this change is taking place." as stated in the NEDC statement; if Ms. Cudahy simply wants to return to Ontario and be closer to family, why should the Nanaimo taxpayer be on the hook for a $75,000 golden handshake?

Explain why this corporation is actually needed in the first place?


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