Monday, May 28, 2012

Assualt In Maffeo Sutton Park May 21

Three Suspects Arrested In Assault and Robbery

The local Daily is reporting three suspects aged 12, 16 and 18 were arrested following an assault and robbery last May 21 at 12:30am in Maffeo Sutton Park.

An ordained minister (wore nothing identifying he was clergy) was set upon by three youths who punched him in the face and kicked him when he was on the ground. He made his way to the basketball courts where some teens were having a late night game. Their intervention ended the assault.

Police were on the scene after being called and made the arrests within 30 minutes based on help they got from witnesses.

There is no explanation why the incident was not released to the public sooner.


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  1. There is no reason for such a brutal attack ever on anyone but with that said I must say that there is also no reason for a twelve year old influenceable boy to be brain washed and drug around like a puppet by kids much older then him. This poor boy is in obvious despair and is plainly in need of exceptance and in an unfortunate situation like this one he feels like there is no where else to receive this. When people look at this situation from there own stand point it is must likely going to end up with as a judgement of character on the parents part but what if this child has no parents what if he does but they have given him up long ago because of a drug or alcohol addiction, what if he was abused his whole life what if he was always told that he was worthless unloved and that he has no fighting chance not only by the actions of his parents but by the people that the ministry allow to foster these broken kids, not saying they are all this way I have a dear friend that is a fabulous foster mom but the ugly truth is that they are not all this way. this to the judgement being kids from strong loving homes kids with lawyers, judges, police officers or drug addicts as parents all have the same needs and if they have to they will find it anywhere they can because as a human we all urn for exceptance. In the end if fingers need to be pointed I suggest there pointed at the government because for all these kids that fall through the cracks or swept under the rug so to say are in dyer need of some real resources. When researching I was shocked at the fact that there is NOTHING out there not one program that is for kids in need of such care.


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