Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canadian Gas Prices

They've Been Turning Up The Heat For Months
We Just Haven't Been Paying Attention

Despite the fact that crude oil prices have been around the $95/barrel price for months the oil companies have been slowly turning up the heat with a variety of reasons (excuses) for the pending increases. They are doing what any good corporation should be doing, and that is maximizing earnings for their shareholders, employees and well paid executives. They have no responsibility to extract one penny less than they can from the motoring public.

The Canadian motoring public seems to apply the same response to rising gas prices as they do with the continuing increase in taxation on all fronts, and that is to give an apathetic shrug, bitch a little and then go soundly back to sleep after repeating the predictable refrain "it just doesn't matter what we do --- THEY --- will just do as THEY please", once again demonstrating a complete ignorance of the main principle of democracy, and that is to participate.

'Nuff said.............. back to sleep now!


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