Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diana Phillips Book Signing May 18

Meet Bestselling Author
Diana Philips

Beloved author Diana Phillips has produced another volume of stories documenting life in British Columbia’s backcountry. Her frank accounts of her experiences as a young cattle rancher capture the spirit of a lifestyle that has disappeared. Beyond the Home Ranch is a vivid account of ranch life as Diana reflects on the struggles, joys and satisfaction of living her industrious life.
Diana will be in Nanaimo at Nanaimo Maps and Charts, 8 Church Street, Nanaimo on Friday, May 18 at 1pm.

Beyond the Home Ranch
Book Description

Diana Phillips, daughter of Canadian folk legend Pan Phillips, shares more extraordinary tales about her life on the ranch in the remote British Columbian backcountry.

Two years after publishing Beyond the Chilcotin, her remarkable memoir about growing up on her famous father's pioneer ranch in the Chilcotin, Diana Phillips continues her story. Discouraged by a huge loss of cattle to grizzlies on killing sprees, Pan sells the Home Ranch and decides to set up a fishing and guiding venture on nearby Tsetzi Lake. Diana spends a couple of seasons working with her father at the very rustic lodge, now catering to the needs of guests paying for a wilderness experience, rather than a cattle operation, but soon follows the call of ranch life back to the Home Ranch, until she marries and gets a cabin and land of her own nearby.

Working her ranch and raising her young family, as well as helping out a series of owners at Home Ranch, Diana survives lean times and becomes a masterful rancher in her own right—driving cattle along rugged trails to and from Nazko, leading hunts in the Ilgachuz Mountains and midwifing stubborn calves, not to mention fending off grizzlies and mounting rescue missions for all manner of strays.

Diana's incredible memory for detail—from the taste of strawberry jam and bannock, and the beauty of a poplar grove in fall, to the time she taught a rude drunk a lesson by hitting him repeatedly in the head with her boot—makes her account of a near-pioneer life in the Blackwater country an inspiring and entertaining read.


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