Sunday, May 20, 2012

Empire Days Parade 2012 Nanaimo

Nanaimo 2012 Empire Days Parade
Sunday, May 20th - 1:00 PM
Parade Theme This Year
"Shriners: 100 Years in Nanaimo"

NOTE: There will NOT be any fireworks tonight,
they are cancelled due to lack of funds.



  1. No fireworks for May long? I bet Bathtub races get it I would think Victoria Day should be celebrated more than an event like 'Bathtub Races', not that I don't like the races, but I think those funds should be reserved for the Queens Birthday...

  2. We have funds to build the VICC and go into a deficit but we cant scrounge up the dollars for a small firework celebration.
    we dont do it for canada day which is very unpatriotic and now not even for victoria day.
    how pitiful

  3. Fireworks are overrated.


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