Friday, May 18, 2012

First Cannon Firing Of 2012 Season

Nanaimo Summer Season Starts With A BANG!

Councillor Pattje had the honor of touching off the first official cannon firing of the 2012 Summer Season in Nanaimo.

The cannon in Pioneer Plaza were originally intended to defend Nanaimo from hostile attack being capable of firing a 6 pound cannon ball out to Protection Island. Fortunately the cannon never had to be used in defense and their sole purpose has been as a ceremonial welcome to Nanaimo.

The cannon will be fired daily at 12 noon from now until the end of the summer. They are located right downtown next to the historic Bastion built by the Hudson Bay Company to defend the settlement of Nanaimo.


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  1. chris baldwinson22 May 2012 at 10:33

    I remember when the summer firing of the cannon each day at noon was done by a bagpiper and a couple of students dressed in period clothing after they piped through the streets of Nanaimo toward their noon task. It was some great student summer jobs for theater students and the spectacle was worth every penny! Council should revisit this idea in whole.


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