Monday, May 21, 2012

Gas Tax Petition

Sign Canadian Taxpayer Federation
Gas Tax Petition

The Canadian Taxpayer Federation has started a petition to force government to lower taxes on gasoline and diesel and dedicate all taxes to roads. The want the Federal government to pass the CTF's Gas Tax Accountability Act which would meet those objectives.

The highlights of their petition include:
  • Save consumers 2.4 cents a litre by eliminating the GST/HST 'tax on tax'.
  • Ending the deficit elimination tax and lowering the excise; and
  • Require the Federal government by law to continue dedicating all gas and diesel taxes to roads.
The CTF points out that about 30% of the pump price is made up of different levels of taxation, in BC along all levels of government collect $1.77 billion at the pumps:
  • BC Carbon Tax $237.5 million
  • Provincial Taxes $492 million
  • Federal Taxes $440.1 million
  • HST $277.7 million
  • TransLink (Lower Mainland only) $311.8 million
  • BC Transit (Capital Region only) $11.4 million


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