Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Well Is VIHA Dealing With Dementia?

"Nanaimo in line for more dementia beds"

That is the headline in a local Daily story regards VIHA's request for proposals Monday to find operators to create between 40 and 100 beds.

The article goes on to say how dementia patients are currently being placed in facilities not suitable for them meaning they don't get the care they need. There was an example of this last October when seniors were being housed in an NRGH ward meant only for children.

According to the article there are currently 54 patients who need spaces this week including 16 at NRGH. The request for proposals closes June 5 with the beds expected to  come online in 2015.

Doing the Math

Currently this week there are 54 patients who need dementia care in the system who do not have appropriate care available, VIHA intends to create between 40 and 100 new beds by 2015. Presuming this is expected to be a growing burden on the system as the population continues to age it is questionable if the problem will be solved at this rate. It would appear that if they only bring another 40 beds online, they will be falling 14 short of the need that exists this week.


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