Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mayor Thinks Answering Questions 'Ludicrous'

 Answering Questions 'Wastes Time' 
According to Mayor Ruttan

The local Daily reports Mayor Ruttan as saying if council and staff (I presume) didn't have to answer questions from the public they wouldn't need a communications manager at city hall.

"So much time is wasted answering questions, it's ludicrous," Ruttan said. "If we didn't get the phone calls from the public and media and self-interest groups, then we probably would not need this position."

This single quote supports my long held fear that the new 'communications manager' will become the official spokesman for city hall and we will never hear directly from council or the staff actually responsible making the decisions we are interested in.

Remember this council voted to spend another $700,000 over the next five years so council and staff would no longer have to tell you why they are doing what they are doing. There are communications directors and their are spin doctors, time will tell who staff and council are comfortable with.

From personal observation, few councilors are ever able to talk about contentious issues, as most issues are neatly hidden away behind the over-used veil of secrecy provided by the 'in-camera process'.

Logic Fails?

Mayor Ruttan seems of the opinion that one person is going to answer all those questions that are taking up so much time that council and staff are now having to deal with. How is that possible? 


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