Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Spin Doctor Controversy

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Is Position Really Necessary?

Why in the world are highly paid city staff and duly elected councilors not able to simply, clearly and truthfully say why and what they are doing with tax dollars? It shouldn't be that complicated.

Considering that most contentious decisions which deserve public scrutiny are always done in secret behind closed doors using the much used 'in-camera' process, you have to wonder just what a spin doctor needs to spin?

Council has the option many times of conducting business in public rather than in secret, if they simply choose to do so. They also have the option of discussing matters in-camera and then once coming to a decision 'rise and reporting' their meeting. When was the last time they did that?

There was much ado about transparency when this bunch was wanting your vote last November, but the number of in secret decisions has certainly not gone down since getting elected.


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