Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nanaimo Unemployment Rate 4.8% April 2012

What Does This Number Mean?

As noted on this website before there are some serious questions about the accuracy or real meaning of these statistics. The sample used is apparently quite small and errors do happen as witnessed last year when it was reported Nanaimo had 16% unemployment.

Having the lowest unemployment rate would be wonderful if it meant nearly 95% of all employable people in Nanaimo were working in full time jobs. On the other hand if the number is low as a percentage because more and more people are no longer on EI and are now relying on Provincial social assistance (welfare) then that is another story.

I have tried without success to find anyone who can shed any real light on what these numbers mean, there does seem to be a conflict when we say we have such a low unemployment rate at a time when food banks and feeding programs are reporting record use.


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