Monday, June 11, 2012

City Councillors Like Transparency ... Sometimes

Councillors Bestwick, Kipp and McKay
Support Open Accountability
Balance Of Council Prefer Secrecy

City Council watchers know it appears that city council on the advice of city staff only seem to be open to the concept of transparency at election time. But when it comes to actually being open and accountable for your decisions the majority of council prefers the veil of secrecy known as 'in camera' meetings.

At the council meeting of June 11, 2012, Councillor Bill Bestwick brought a motion that would have allowed for the record of how Councillors voted at in camera meetings be released when that information was released to the public. The only councillors to support this notion of openness were Kipp and McKay.

I have personally been trying to get more information about how the decision to spend $16 million on a shiny new office, rather than $4 million to upgrade the existing annex for nearly a year now and while any time I have spoken with councillors as to why they will not vote to release how they voted on this matter, they all tell me they support the release of that information. However, they never seen to get it past a council vote, which of course is another of those 'in camera' affairs.

I suspect Councillors will continue to pay lip service to the notion of transparency and it will once again become an issue in a couple of years come next election. Just remember which ones mean what they say, as was demonstrated by last nights vote. Their names are Bestwick, Kipp and McKay.


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  1. I to sat at last nights council meeting and to be sure that when council member Bestwick,s motion was made I was rather hopeful that as a whole council would heartily endorse it. Instead much to my chagrin the idea of openess, transparency and accountibility seems to have taken a nosedive back to never-neverland. It just boggles my mind that folks seeking election to a position to represent this city, and campaigning on these platforms would turn a blind eye to what they have said they wish to represent. Again I am left wondering that perhaps this is why a vast majority of people simply do not excercise their right to vote. The vast majority of politicians just seem to do whatever they feel, despite what they have promised, at the behest of the electorate.


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