Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emergency Resources Being Wasted

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"Pocket-Dialed" Cellphone Calls
Waste Emergency Responders Time
While this CTV piece reports fire and police officials responding to a nuisance call made by a child using a cell phone it also points to an amazing number of pocket-dialed calls which wastes valuable resources. 

Cellphones, if not locked, can inadvertantly call 911 while they are in your pocket, purse or after being thrown down when not in use. Apparently the more sensitive touchscreen phones are also touchier offenders when carelessly thrown down.  

The solution is to lock your cellphone when you put it in purse or pocket to avoid emergency resources chasing after bogus calls which can jeopardize someone in a genuine emergency.


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  1. I did not know my cell phone could make 911 calls all on it's own.
    The most I've ever done is turn on the manners mode when in a meeting. Did not know about locking it when not in use.
    Good advice.


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