Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Global TV In Nanaimo Sunday June 24

The Spotlight Is On Nanaimo 
Global TV & Save-on Foods Contest
Sunday June 24, 8:00 - 10:00 am
Save-on Foods At Woodgrove

The Global TV crew will be in town this weekend and will be broadcasting live from the Woodgrove Save-on Foods location from 8:00 - 10:00 am. Local dignitaries will be on hand taking advantage of the opportunity to tell the rest of the Province why we are the 'Perfect Place to Call Home'.

Courtesy of Save-on Foods

From 8:00 am onward Woodgrove Save-on will be serving up a FREE full course western breakfast complete with pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, eggs and gallons of coffee and your favourite beverage. Did I mention this is a FREE breakfast?? Save-on is getting all geared up with expectations of serving at least 1,000 people and are prepared to serve about 200 at a time. They have tents arranged so even if the weatherman is less than helpful it won't interfere with the celebration.


Let the rest of the province know how proud we are of the best place in Canada to live! If you've got bathtub paraphernalia bring it along, your favourite Nanaimo bar?? Whatever you think help show your enthusiasm for living in Nanaimo. Noise makers? Why not?? Use your imagination and help put Nanaimo on the map!


It is hoped we will have the opportunity to show off the Greatest Street in Canada, our Conference Centre, the boat basin with plans for the new marina, our refurbished Bastion, Maffeo Sutton Park, Newcastle Island etc.

Hopefully representatives from the Bathtub Society, The Nanaimo BBQ Festival, Silly Boats Regatta etc. will all be on hand 'with bells on' taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to showcase Nanaimo.


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  1. Sadly this is the only information I was able to find on this event. Nothing on the City of Nanaimo page, the RDN page, the newspapers, anything. Not even Save On Foods Woodgrove had anything on their website. Even worse, Global TV BC had nothing either! So glad I found this so my family and I would know when to attend! Hopefully other's have noticed this as well and will be attending. Not good advertising for an event designed to promote our city!


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