Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nanaimo Bans Bottled Water

City Won't Sell Bottled Water 
In Civic Owned Facilities Or At Civic Events

It took two tries for city council to vote to eliminate bottled water sales at municipal facilities and city sponsored events. Councilor Kipp had to call for the vote again, when it appeared that once again council was unsure how they voted.

This means you will not be able to buy bottled water at a city facility or event within about three months time. Your option will be to bring your own water, or drink from a public fountain, or bring your own container to fill or purchase some other beverage from the vending machine.

It was akin to watching a comedy drama, observing council debate this motion, which seems to have little merit worth the time it has taken to debate, pass, rescind, study, debate, vote on and finally vote on. At the end of it all Councilor McKay asked if we were now banning the sale of bottled water within three months, to which the Mayor said no. The answer of course is yes, so even when all was said and done, I doubt if all of council really knows what or why they passed this waste of tax dollars.

CUPE will applaud our forward thinking staff, blah, blah. blah when it appears that their only dog in this fight is to protect union jobs in the municipal water business. As Councillor Greves commented during discussion "this looks like something hatched by four guys in a bar one night".


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  1. Jim, you say, "It was akin to watching a comedy drama" ..... Yes, sometimes it is - but isn't a comedy supposed to make you laugh and feel good? I find that it is sometimes painful to listen to their convulated discussions and must say that I often find myself feeling empathy for the City Manager, Al Kenning.

    After listening carefully to what they have to say during discussion about an issue prior to the vote on it, it is rather disconcerting to see some of them be so inconsistent with how they then actually do vote, after hearing what they have had to say.

    Also, on the issue of MSP Premiums for Seniors that council voted unanimously on at both the FPCOW meeting on June 18 and again, at the Regular Council meeting last night, I'm afraid that I do not understand how a politican can make an informed decision on a matter that relates to provincial revenues/taxation, when they do not have any supporting documentation with which to help them make an informed decision ... At the very least, I would have expected each one of them to have done their own due diligence before they voted on the matter.
    - Janet Irvine
    P.S. - commented as anonymous because it was technically easier for me!


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