Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nanaimo Gas Prices Still Theft

Gas Prices Reported On Vancouver Island
Can You  SPOT The Difference?

Currently Victoria gas stations are in the midst of a price war, which probably more truly reflects a fair price for gas at the pumps, given that crude oil dropped below $80.00 a barrel yesterday.

The Difference Between Nanaimo, Comox and Victoria?

In a word, COMPETITION, unlike Nanaimo where there is this unprovable monopoly which guarantees there is no real competition in the market place as a result of yet more unprovable price fixing; drivers in Comox and Victoria are experiencing the benefits of a true free market environment.

Sadly, Nanaimo drivers have always been on the short end of the gas pricing stick, partly in part because of lack of genuine competition and partly because we simply seem to be such schmucks who enjoy getting gouged at the pumps.

A few other random prices from around the province are Aldergrove 126.9, Richmond 132.9 and Kamloops 111.9. The Vancouver area prices also include a transit service tax which is specific to their prices only.

With a long weekend coming up, don't expect any price relief as this is traditionally a time when the gas gougers raise their prices.



  1. They must be losing money in Comox and Victoria. That's the only logical explanation as to why our prices are higher.

    1. There is no competition in Nanaimo.

    2. It makes $$$ sense to drive farther to save. Let the service stations starve in Nanaimo.


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