Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nanaimo Groups & Organizations Beware

Beware Of Thieves Posing As Volunteers

Local event organizer Kim Smythe of Westcoast Communications and Events believes he was the victim of a well thought out and premeditated scam which has cost him dearly.

Kim was invloved with the Multicultural Festival which was held on Wesley Street this past Saturday. As is the case with any organization putting on events of this size there is always the need for volunteer help as was the case with Kim.

Apparently at days end they were loading Kim's van with displays and the like that had been used in the festival and were transporting the items to a local spot they use for storage. At one point while in the process of unloading the van, it was thought two of the 'volunteers' were going to assist in the off loading of the van, instead, they closed the van doors and proceeded to drive off with the still loaded van.

Mr. Smythe pursued in another vehicle but was unable to find his stolen van. Police were on the scene quickly and in spite of cruising the area shortly after the theft were unable to turn up the stolen van.

In addition to the van, id, credit cards, cell phones and a digital camera which had been used to record the Multicultural Festival events have all been lost.

Mr. Smythe is convinced this was a well orchestrated brazen theft which involves working as a volunteer and gaining confidence of legitimate volunteers, all the while looking for an opportunity to steal from the unsuspecting.

Similar groups and organizations should be aware of what is perhaps another way the lowlifes of this world have devised to prey on the unsuspecting.


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