Monday, June 25, 2012

Nanaimo Parking Meter Upgrades

New Coins Require Meter Upgrades

The recent change in the weight of coins being minted in Canada has caused some headaches for any coin operated vending machines and that includes your friendly one-armed bandits spotted throughout downtown including the upper level of the Bastion Street Parkade.

These meters are electronic and require both software and hardware upgrades to be compatible with the new Canadian coins. This new hardware and software however, no longer allows for the use of dimes in these meters, which currently buys 12 minutes of parking.

The upgraded meters will no longer accept dimes but will accept quarters and loonies. So you will no longer be able to plug the meter for only 12 minutes but will have to use a quarter which will buy you 30 minutes of parking. A loonie will buy you the maximum parking limit which is 2 hours.

New decals are on order which will be placed on the meters to avoid confusion. Currently Robbins Parking are charged with making the upgrades which should be completed shortly. Cost of the upgrade is estimated to be $6,000.00.


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