Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Port Theatre Backstage

Backstage At The Port Theatre

People attending the Wednesday morning Chamber of Commerce 'business before business' meeting hosted by the Port Theatre got a chance to go backstage with theatre manager Bruce Halliday.

Bruce offered a very interesting account of the theatre's history and explained how there is far more to a threatre production than most people appreciate who attend any of the 200+ productions put on at the Port Theatre in a given year.

Designed from the ground up, the smallest detail was incorporated into the building of the theatre from the ease of access for loading and unloading equipment, to the level floor from backdoor to the front of the house. There is nothing in the theatre that just happened by accident and even the raw concrete walls are all part of the design which allows for maximum control of the acoustics ensuring that regardless of where you sit, you will experience the highest quality of sound possible.

Even the density of the seat cushions are designed to have the same acoustic quality as if the seat were occupied by a person, ensuring infinite control over sound in any portion of the building.

Backstage was designed with the height and necessary rigging to accommodate even the most demanding of theatre productions including the catwalks 90 feet in the air where many tons of weight are put into play enabling the heaviest of backdrops to be moved with ease.

While the threatre, like many businesses has had it's share of challenges of late, they are currently on track and on budget this year. Those in attendance got a sneak preview of the upcoming Spotlight series which promises to thrill audiences of all interests and tastes.


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