Thursday, June 28, 2012

Proposed Downtown Marina Open House

Public Gets Chance To Hear Plans 
For Marina Revitalization

Pacific Northwest Marina Group staff were on hand for the second open house designed to begin the public input process for the revitalized downtown marina. Their first open house had been held about ten days ago on Protection Island.

Representatives explained that one of the myths surrounding this project is that it is a 'done deal', which is simply not the case. While a tentative agreement has been reached which would allow PNMG to lease the waterfront from the Port Authority, it still must go through the public process and also be approved by a branch of the federal government.

Concerns smaller recreational boaters may have about not being able to use the facility are unfounded as are concerns of Protection Island residents that they will not be able to use the facility to tie up for a couple of hours while grocery shopping.

The graphics presented at the open house, are in the very, very early stages of development and only give a very basic idea of the concept which has a long way to go. If all went perfectly including all necessary approvals the project could actually be underway in the spring of 2013 with completion possible by the end of 2013.

The new dock facilities will be floating docks which will be manufactured off site and brought in by tug, not unlike components used to construct the cruise ship terminal.

Commercial fisherman would still be welcome, however repair work could not be done dockside as they currently are, and strict rules would be followed to prevent any discharges harmful to the harbour.

The PNMG will be having information available on limited days and hours from a storefront on the waterfront at the inner harbour. More information is also available from the company website HERE.


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