Friday, June 15, 2012

Secret Naval Project

Top Secret?

This CTV news 'story' leaves more unanswered questions than answered, but this is what TV clips are best at.

When was a 'Top Secret' Naval project the subject of the five o'clock news complete with an invitation for all those bad guys to break into Nanaimo Shipyards in search of those 'Top Secret' plans that the bad guys would love to have.

"Do you have the micro-film Boris?" ...."Yes, Natasha, tonight we will swim underwater from our campsite on Newcastle Island and steal their plans!".

If you listen to the very end, it leaves you wondering if this 'Top Secret' project is anything more than wishful thinking. It does however, highlight some sound reasoning why, if this demonstrates the shipyard's ability to keep top secret projects, top secret, we are probably out of the running already.


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