Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strippers To The Rescue?

At least one Nanaimo bar owner is hoping the addition of strippers, aka exotic dancers will help reverse what is described as a dying business. Paul Manhas has added peelers to Club 241 and also the Arlington Pub in Nanoose Bay in a hope to entice customers back to his establishments as reported in a recent Vancouver Sun article.

He also owns four liquor stores in Nanaimo where he noted sales are up but bar sales are down as a result of people simply not going out as much anymore. He further describes the pub business as a dying business. The problem is not limited to Nanaimo as a Langford pub owner is doing the same thing in what he describes as necessary as he is now in 'survival mode', meaning he is going to go bust if something doesn't change.

Why Bar Business Lagging?

While the Sun article only addresses the fact that many BC bar owners are struggling to keep the doors open there is little offered as the reason behind lagging booze sales. The fact that adding naked women as an enticement makes you wonder what the bar patron demographic happens to be. Speaking as an old (and not perv) guy the idea that I can go and oggle some shapely young gal shake her money maker is hardly an enticement at all, in fact it has the reverse effect.

So, I presume bar owners are trying to attract the younger male crowd who for the most part may simply find that partaking of the grape at licenced establishments as opposed to buying a bottle of the bubbly and drinking at home with friends, is simply too expensive. I no longer frequent bars but well remember your money went much farther at the liguor store than it did at the bar.

Good Combination??

If I am right in my assumptions and the younger male crowd is the demographic bar owners are hoping to once again draw back to their establishments, am I the only one who wonders if encouraging young hot blooded men to come under the influence while having their baser appetites awakened by naked women wiggling and jiggling is really a good idea??



  1. Mr. Taylor I must say as a person running one of these so called booty peddling establishments that I take offence to your comments.Perhaps I can humor yourself and your followers with the REAL answers you are looking for. This entry into the exotic entertainment rescue mode made by some high profile bar owners in Nanaimo and Victoria is not targeted at anyone specifically. Whether anyone would like to accept it or not the clientele we see on our busiest nights are mostly female aged 19-40. Of course with this business there are downsides such as the odd pervert or crazy girl that wants to run across the stage for attention but apples to apples you have the same.problems in any establishment that serves booze. You say not and from experience I call you sir a liar. This ditch effort to save our bars is simple. Since the new drinking and driving laws and legislations allowing the local police and RCMP to turn areas where we live into a police state under the dictatorship of the nazi like regime that is the federal government. People are scared out of their minds to go out and have one or two drinks without fear of it permanently destroying their livelyhood. A bar which long ago was a better place to become intoxicated than sitting at home contemplating the price of tea in china is no longer a place to get drunk. There is no accountability within society anymore that says if Mr. Smith gets drunk and falls, slips, fights, or farts the wrong way that only Mr. Smith is responsible. No indeed the poor girl making minimum wage to feed her kids as a 20 year old single mother who works for the average joe.running a nightclub that belongs to someone who.might have enough money for Mr. Smith or whomever or whatever Mr. Smith may hurt or damage to sue for that served him maybe one drink too many perhaps because Mr. Smith has daddy or mommy issues and can't make properly judged decisions foots the bill. Its simple old men and cranky mothers who lost friends or family to someones moronic decision made it this way. Made the laws, complained and got somewhere and now every bar owner and drinker alike suffers. Times have changed, society has changed and I once remember being told as a kid if someone asks me to jump off a bridge do you do it. We have all lost touch with responsibility and maybe when Mr. Smith says I better not drive when Im drunk than maybe the law will change and bars can flourish. But whenever I hear some old woman or some outdated city councillor chanting in the background that they want change. I say this .... Kiss the @$$ of the strippers we hired because it was not my decision it was yours and I like you am Not responsible for my own actions!!!

  2. Anonymous (not your real name I suppose) said:

    "Whether anyone would like to accept it or not the clientele we see on our busiest nights are mostly female aged 19-40. "

    I presume then this is the demographic that for reasons you later cite, is the demographic you hope to attract with the addition of strippers?

    Is it at all possible that in Nanaimo there is a 'perfect storm' that has hit the local bar business. Tougher drinking and driving laws, poor economy, an aging population and an outflow of unemployed construction workers who no longer can support themselves in Nanaimo.

    Another factor in Nanaimo may simply be there are far too many bars for the number of available customers, and perhaps like any other business this will be a time when competition reduces the field and some bars will simply have to close, just like any other business that can't attract enough customers. For example if five bars were to close, the number of customers wouldn't decrease and the remaining bars would simply see a considerable increase in sales.

    Not sure how I earned the title liar, as I think what I was offering was speculation rather than a statement of known fact.

  3. I work in one of these establishments and trust me....the dancers do not seem to be helping.


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