Tuesday, July 03, 2012

CUPE Driven Waste Of Tax Dollars?

Another Creative Waste Of Tax Dollars?

I am convinced if you want this city council to embrace any idea, you just have to convince them it is a cutting edge decision that will show Nanaimo as the home of real visionaries. Whether it makes any fiscal sense is not something factored into the equation.

The fact an outright ban of the sale of bottled water in civic facilities is completely without merit and in fact smacks of political mischief as much as it smacks of good policy is nothing new to the Nanaimo political scene.

It takes little imagination to see what CUPE's interest is in this whole little charade, they have an interest in protecting all those highly paid CUPE jobs engaged in delivering the city water to your taps. Fair enough, but dressing up that agenda in some Blue Community mumbo jumbo is pretty much an insult to thinking people everywhere.

Waste of Tax Dollars

Once again showing no regard for how they can spend more tax dollars city council in supporting this issue have thrown away a revenue source to the city and at the same time have added the cost of making municipal tap water more available all over the city.

The hypocrisy of this whole little bit of theatre is making the claim that our tap water is the equal of bottled water that goes through a seven step treatment process. To claim that our water, which is only chlorinated is the equal of treated bottled water would seem to put the city at odds with the order from VIHA that we need to filter our water to ensure it is safe enough.

Mr. Manly and CUPE's hot shots have clearly never attempted to drink water straight out of the tap in some of our larger cities. To suggest you would try and tell Torontonians that their tap water is just as good as bottled would never pass the smirk test.


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  1. Jim, You neglected to advise who did not vote in favor of this motion. I could not support it because we made no provision to extend the introduction period. I would have been able to support leaving the existing machines, provide a sponsored dispensing machine of clean, filtered, and free City water and within short order, the consumer would have made their choice. Other jurisdictions have used this model with great success.


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