Monday, July 23, 2012

Dragon Boat Snafu

Boat Keeps Tubbers At Bay

In their quest for a good view of the tubbers warming up in the harbour for the big race, this boat interfered with the usual routine tubbers follow to give spectators a close up look at them in action.

In years past many tubbers would come in close to the shore by the Protection Island Ferry Dock, which gives onlookers on shore a chance to see the sleek racing machines in action. Unfortunately this year, this boat kept drifting along by the shore, which of course meant the tubbers has to forgo their usual route past the fans in order to avoid swamping  the paddlers.

It was only mildly disappointing, but disappointing none the less and once the paddlers got a taste of just how frothy things could get, they wisely moved to another location, which hopefully they will occupy next year so fans can see their favourite tubbers screaming past in those marvelous racing machines!


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