Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Evening Farmers' Market & Later Concerts ?

An anonymous reader sent along the following suggestions for what might be improvements in the way things are done in Nanaimo. What do you think?

I am curious as to why Nanaimo doesn't have a really great farmer's market one evening a week during the spring and summer months.  I have been many times to the one in Sidney....it starts about 4:30 and runs until 8..it is a draws people into downtown Sidney and is a great tourist attraction. 

We are always looking for places and things to do in the summer months, take a lesson from Revelstoke.  They have a free concert every evening with a variety of musicians. Starts at 7 and runs until 9 pm.  It is very well attended.  We have a Wednesday evening concert in the park but it starts too early.  Just my thoughts.  Thank you


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