Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great Weather For Silly Boats & BBQ Festival

Silly Boat Regatta & BBQ Festival
Great Weather Outlook

Looking ahead to the weekend it looks like blue skies and balmy temperatures for the first annual Thrifty Foods Nanaimo BBQ Festival and the ever popular Silly Boat Races.

The BBQ Festival is downtown on Commercial Street on Saturday and Sunday, and the Silly Boat Races will be by the Lagoon in Maffeo Sutton Park. Both events offer lots of free, family fun for the whole weekend, so be sure to circle both dates on your calendar and whatever you do, stay in Nanaimo this weekend!



  1. Whee are you getting this weather report? It looks interesting.

  2. I can see that there's no use making a comment in your blog, you never reply.

  3. Actually I do, but not always as soon as I would like to. Sorry for the delayed response.
    This weather report comes from the Weather Network, on their site they have several options for viewing forecasts, short term and long term.


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