Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nanaimo Bathtub Race Information & Trivia

A GREAT Nanaimo Event Since 1967

The first Nanaimo Bathtub Race was run in 1967 as part of Canada's Centennial Celebrations and those first tubs barely resemble the sleek racing machines of today. In the early day just about as many tubs wound up in Davey Jones Locker as actually completed the course.

Over the years the GREAT Race has evolved to the point that now we have three classes of racers, Stock, Modified and Super Modified

The Longest and Shortest Race Times Recorded

The two longest race times recorded were in the early days which helps to explain the difference, however weather and sea conditions can vary from a mirror-like flat calm to a raging Nor Wester howling which turns the sea into a white capped,  tub-battering, body jarring raging force of nature!

Two Longest  Winning Race Times

1967 - Rusty Harrison of Vancouver won the race in 3:26
1989 - Brent Shipowich of Vancouver won the race in 3:16

Two Fastest Winning Race Times

1997 - Chris Glenn of Vancouver won the race in 1:11:54 (Modified Class)
2011 - Nathan Barlow of Nanaimo won the race in 1:11:54 (S Modified Class)

 Race Course Map

To view a map of the race course visit the LNBS website HERE.


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