Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nanaimo City Water Conservation ?

Wasting Water Hastens The Day For More Supply

One of the most costly pieces of our city's infrastructure is the supply and treatment of our water, arguably one of the most important resources for any community.

The city is currently considering options to expand the supply to the city in years to come, one of those options being to build a very expensive new dam.

Clearly one way we can all postpone the need for more water supply is to be aware of how much water we are currently wasting every day. Whether it is the dripping tap in our tub or sink, or misdirected irrigation sprinklers, we can all do our part to avoid wasting this precious and costly resource.

The city could do a much better job of how they direct the water on the lawn in front of city hall, as the above photo clearly illustrates. While taking this photo the other morning, the still silence was broken by the sound of water running down the curb and into the storm drain.


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  1. The best way to postpone the need for more water supply is to raise the cost of water in the city. Water is simply too cheap. There is no incentive to conserve and the residents of nanaimo will continue to waste water until there is.


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