Friday, July 27, 2012

Nanaimo Has The Highest Gas Prices

We're Number One....... Not In A Good Way
Victoria Gas 125.9
Hardly What A City Wants To Be Known For!

Once again the big oil companies and local gas station owners demonstrate how easy it is to continue to rip off the Nanaimo driving public. With oil prices and demands for oil down considerably, there is no excuse other than pure greed to justify the prices at Nanaimo's pumps.

Perhaps there really is no competition in the market place anymore with one or two big oil companies setting prices and locally perhaps most stations are owned by the same company leaving the market void of any real competition.

This would be a great opportunity for those wannabe social activists at the Occupy movement to start picketing some of these stations until they get the message. That is presuming the Occupy group haven't proven to be as apathetic as the rest of society.

For us old timers who can still think in Imperial the difference between the cost of a gallon of gas in Comox and Nanaimo is 54 cents.


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