Monday, July 09, 2012

Save-on Boat Races

Good Weather For Paddlers

While the boat races drew nothing like the crowds in attendance for Canada Day they still are a big attraction for some to Maffeo Sutton Park. There was little of interest for the 'young ones' with a large portion of the park in use for the racers, and an equally large portion of the park taken up with the beer garden.

The food vendors were still popular with park goers, but again while I was there I witnessed nothing like the lineups that Canada Day produced. Nnaimo's own 'Smokin Georges' was perhaps one of the busiest food trucks on the plaza although I am sure most food vendors would have done quite well.

The event does have two main attractions, the races and the beer gardens so if either of those events are your cup of tea I'm sure the weekend was a success. An unscientific observation on my part is that it would seem the beer garden was by far the biggest draw of the day.


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