Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "World" Comes To Nanaimo

The 'World' Is Not A Cruise Ship
It Is A Privately Owned Residential Yacht

In case you are wondering if that 600+ foot ship at the Cruise Ship Terminal is another cruise ship with a couple of thousand passengers you might be surprised to learn it is a privately owned yacht which is home for 130 families who hail from 19 different countries.

Nanaimo Should Feel Honored

This ship cruises the globe and according to their website they choose their itinerary thus:

The World continuously circumnavigates the globe on an itinerary selected by the Resident community through a voting process. Itineraries are determined approximately two years in advance by a team comprised of a Resident Itinerary Committee, the Captains and Director of Itinerary and Destination Planning. Every corner of the globe is a possibility. In 2011, The World will voyage to 53 different countries, resulting in a different locale every few days. Longer stays in port on average 2.5 days to allow residents to explore these destinations, all of which are chosen for their individuality, authenticity and allure.

The World will be anchored in Nanaimo until Thursday morning, and if you would like to learn a little more about our visitors the following video is quite enlightening. If you have a wealth of a least $5 million, you too could join this group of globe trotting elite, presuming of course one of these residences is ever offered for sale, which seems rather unlikely.


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