Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Council Decides To Open Lane

After Forty Years City Decides To Open Lane
Rejects Selling Land & Increasing Tax Revenue

When it was first developed the subdivision occupied by Holyrood and Glenayr Dr. had a twenty foot wide fire lane between two properties. 

At some point over thirty years ago the lane was basically abandoned by the city and the adjoining neighbours closed the lane and used the property as if it were part of their back yards. It seemed an acceptable agreement for decades, as there was no longer a need for a fire lane and there had been issues with garbage dumping etc. on the unoccupied lane. That is an oral account of the history of events as city staff can find nothing documented.

A resident on Holyrood apparently complained to the city about these public lands being encroached upon by the adjacent lots. That is what triggered the action on the part of city staff, as they were apparently in agreement with the current arrangement for decades.

Councilor Pattje, whom I believe was the only Councilor to have actually visited the site was in favour of finding a more amicable solution, other than re-opening a full twenty foot wide swath to accommodate a five foot wide path.

Councillor McKay on the other hand made the most sensible sounding suggestion of the meeting, which was to sell the land to the adjacent property owners, which would add money to city coffers through the sale and also increase taxes from this point onward.

This land has not been used by the city for over 40 years and is not needed as a fire lane, so it would make sense to increase the tax base and pick up a few dollars through the sale. That however, would seem opposed to city council's overriding method of operation which seems to be to find as many creative ways to spend tax dollars as they can imagine.


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