Thursday, August 16, 2012

Disgusting Waste Of Taxpayer Money

It is with a sad sense of deja vu that I restate:

With 23 years experience on Nanaimo Council,15 as Mayor, it is safe to assume I am one of the  two or three people most knowledgeable of the  true need for a City of Nanaimo Communications  Officer.

Let's be blunt. There is absolutely zero  need for such a disgusting waste of taxpayer's  money.

As I stated, when this was first suggested  by Diane Brennan in December (conveniently  after the elections): "Taxpayers are fed up with wasting money on useless bureaucratic positions. PR flacks are the worst. People want answers  from the people in charge (elected or appointed),  NOT some PR idiot. Any publicly funded body  that has a PR or "communications officer" is  wasting our money. Fire them all."

Let me add. Any elected person needing a  "communications officer" is either incompetent,  lazy, hiding something, or worse.

Any Council member voting for this nonsense  has no sensitivity to the poor economy and  the taxpayers' anguish over waste in government. If this Council does not come to its senses and  reverse this decision (and the equally wasteful  hiring of a "communications officer" for the  Economic Development Corp), I will, if re-elected  to Council, move immediately to "cease all funding  for such wasteful expenditures of taxpayer's money".

Gary Korpan


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  1. The Higher Service Level Request for the position states that the position is middle management and that the TOTAL capital and operating costs are $140,000 .... also, that the position reports to the Director of Strategic Relationships.


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