Friday, August 31, 2012

Lane Issue To Be Re-visited?

Holyrood end of lane

Glenary Dr. end of lane
Mayor Ruttan To Visit Lane Personally

In an article in the Daily News Mayor Ruttan is reported to want to review the issue of reopening a fire lane between Glenayr Dr. and Holyrood Dr. before a final decision is made.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday Councillor McKay made what seemed the best suggestion that would be of the benefit to the whole community. His suggestion was to sell the property to the adjacent property owners which would bring immediate cash into city coffers and would increase the tax base going forward.

Given that this lane has been closed for 40 years it is doubtful it is really needed in the area since it's orginal purpose of being a fire lane is no longer needed.

I was puzzled on Monday, at the lack of interest fellow councilors showed with McKay's suggestion, it was as if they had not even considered the merits of selling the property and increasing the tax roles. I was also puzzled that staff had not presented the potential income benefit which would accrue to the city if they chose to sell the property rather than reopen the lane.

That was however, the same night they decided to spend $170,000.00 on an electric Zamboni instead of $80,000.00 on a new propane powered one.


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  1. This is particularly interesting as there was a story: "Residents spruce up south end laneway" which shows a more positive approach to laneways and their relation to a neighbourhood in the Bulletin on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

    It was also peculiar that after discussing the fact that the City is ignorant of our laneway holdings and that a study to determine what we have and where it is located is scheduled, Council did not speed up that study and defer any decision until it was completed. How long should citizens all over town be left wondering what is to be done with these planning relicts?


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