Monday, August 13, 2012

Nanaimo Downtown Liquor Outlets

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Liquor Primary Outlets In Downtown Nanaimo

The above list shows the business establishments in downtown Nanaimo which are primarily in the liquor sales business. The list also shows the hours of operation for each of the businesses which sometimes varies depending on the day of the week.

In addition to these places where patrons can enjoy alcohol there are many establishments that have food primary licenses but may still sell alcohol.

Of late some bar owners have been finding it harder to make money with several factors likely contributing to this trend. Nanaimo's population is aging, and older folk simply don't spend as much time or money in bars. The economy in general, if there is such a thing as discretionary spending, going to the bar must top the list. Then there are the tougher drinking and driving laws which have resulted in many people consuming their favorite beverage at home where they don't have to risk running afoul of the law.

Nanaimo has been known as a town with many malls and many bars for as long as I have lived here (1970) and there still seems more than adequate choice for those who wish to spend time and money in a local drinking establishment. Perhaps, there are just too many bars chasing too few dollars for all of them to prosper. As usual, the market has a way of sorting these things out.


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