Thursday, August 30, 2012

Old Annex Still Standing

Withstands Seismic Event Aug. 29, 2012

With my tongue firmly stuck in the side of my cheek, I am delighted to report that the old city annex was able to withstand the 'seismic event' which took place yesterday norhtwest of Langford.

You may recall our Mayor saying that staff could be in great peril  with the slighest shaking. Even the engineer who was paid to assess the building says there is a high risk of significant damage or partial collapse in a seismic event. That particular statement has always struck me as being not very precise as the seismic event is not quantified.

Remember it was this report that was used as the basis for starting the ball rolling so that staff could conduct taxpayer business in a shiny new office rather than upgrading the old one for one third the cost. They also thought that spending $12 million on a new building without going to tender was a good idea also. I wonder how they compare prices for their personal purchases?

But then again, like electric Zambonis it is easy to spend other people's money and clearly city council seems to exist for the sole purpose of supporting this pursuit.


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