Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parksville Street Market

A Carnival Without The Rides!

The Missus and I took a turn up to Parksville on Tuesday night to see what her co-workers were raving about last week. They said the street market was great and was better than anything Nanaimo had to offer.

I was a little skeptical and figured perhaps the co-worker was a member of the Parksville Chamber of Commerce. However, I must say that what little old Parksville is able to put together does pretty much put Nanaimo to shame.

They had well over 100 vendors offering everything from soup to nuts as the saying goes. There was live entertainment and a variety of food vendors, all seeming to do a brisk business. We arrived an hour before the posted start time of 6:00 pm and there was not one stall set up on the street. We took a walk around the block and got back shortly after 6:00pm and the street was lined on both sides with vendors and was crawling with people!

I presume one of the things which contributes to Parksville's success is the large number of tourists their beaches are able to attract in the summer time. The street definitely does take on a character of it's own and like the title says " It's a Carnival Without the Rides".


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