Friday, August 10, 2012

The Nanaimo Lifestyle

An Old Boat With Real Character

Last night after enjoying a pleasant meal on the waterfront, the Missus and I did one of our favourite things which is to stroll along the docks in the harbour and gaze upon the many sea-going wonders tied up there.

There were many high-end sailboats and yachts tied up with our guests from afar enjoying all our lovely Island and location has to offer. We even saw one fellow on his 60 foot yacht vigorously working out on a treadmill of all things, just seemed the exact opposite of my idea of taking a holiday aboard my own floating cottage.

Among the flotilla tied up the craft pictured above was the one I found most interesting and possessing far more character than all of the other more expensive craft combined.

It was a weather-worn 14 - 16 foot clinker built wooden boat whose hull was solidly encrusted with mussels from the water line on down. I bet if this old girl could talk, she'd have some tales to tell.


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