Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Nanaimo Lifestyle

Dinner On The Waterfront
Followed By An After Dinner Stroll 
Along The Inner Harbour

Who Needs The Next Tourist Icon?
We Already Have It All......Just Tell Folks

How many places so rich with location and just big enough at the same time just small enough can boast what Nanaimo already has to offer??

The real challenge facing our city leaders is not trying to figure out how to be the Disneyland of Vancouver Island but rather how to improve on the fact we are the best place on the Island to live........simple!

Our real challenge is deciding how we are going to provide family-supporting employment for the next generations as we go forward.

Once upon a time coal drove the economic engine of Nanaimo, then forestry and the fishery had their day. Right now the public sector offers the greatest numbers the best opportunity to support themselves and their families, however, as Greece and other countries show, not everyone can work for government. However, the whole baby boomer generation will be looking for the best place to call home in their golden years, and there is no reason Nanaimo can't be known as that place.

Tending to the aging population is perhaps one of the biggest business growth opportunities that is currently presented to Nanaimo and we might be wise to gear our efforts in that direction, rather than expecting the NEDC saviour to turn us into the next Silicon Valley or Disneyland.

We can compete with any other place on the Island when it comes to providing the near-perfect ingredients to make us a retirement mecca for all who come to see what we have to offer. Great location, easy transportation access, unchallenged shopping, unrivaled natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle, good health care facilities, affordable real estate and the list goes on and on and on.

Nanaimo .... "The Perfect Place To Call Home"


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