Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strategic Plan Implementation

Nanaimo’s first Corporate Strategic Plan, adopted by Council in July, has moved into the implementation phase as reported to Council on Monday, September 10. The Strategic Plan sets a policy framework to link all existing City plans, and establishes priorities for municipal investments over the next few years.

The Plan includes a long-term vision, mission, values and operating philosophy and identifies on-going commitments to economic health, environmental responsibility, social equity and cultural vitality. The Plan also outlines six strategic priorities for Council over the next 3 – 5 years. In each priority area, there are suggested strategies and initiatives, as well as desired outcomes.

The six priorities are: Asset Management, Community Building Partnerships, Taking Responsibility, Transportation & Mobility, Water, and Waterfront Enhancement.

For each priority, a General Manager has been appointed as ‘executive sponsor’ whose role is to facilitate the execution of that priority. The strategies and initiatives associated with the priorities have been categorized and a staff lead assigned to each one. In most cases, cross-functioning staff teams have been formed to assist in implementation. For the Transportation and Mobility priority, the existing Transportation Advisory Committee will continue to provide oversight to development of the Transportation Master Plan.

According to Mayor Ruttan “A Strategic Plan doesn’t do us any good if it sits on the shelf. Council has created a clear picture of where we want to go and now it is up to staff to implement that direction. I am encouraged that the implementation plan takes into account existing commitments while focusing on our priorities.”

The Strategic Planning process began in January and included extensive community consultation in addition to internal staff workshops.  Mayor and Council participated in a series of Strategic Planning workshops to consider all of the community and staff input. The process was completed on time and within its budget of $121,400. 

A new web page for the Strategic Plan has been created which provides an overview of the Plan and a link to the full document. Work plans for each of the strategies and initiatives are posted there. Information on the web page will be regularly updated. Click on the City’s website at and follow the link under “Municipal Hall.”


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