Monday, October 29, 2012

Colliery Dam Removal Planned

Dams Deemed A Hazard Have To Be Removed

The short version is that after a study it was determined the 100 year old colliery dams would pose a severe threat in the event of an extreme rain event or a severe seismic event.

Now that city staff and city council are aware of the hazard and the cost to replace the dams which no longer serve a purpose (except providing a fishing and swimming hole) would be prohibitive it has been decided to remove them and restore the Chase River to its natural course.

For more information about this major undertaking and to answer any questions you may have visit the city website HERE where you can get an example of some of the handy work of the new city hall communications manager.

Former Councillor Loyd Sherry appeared as a delegation who expressed an opinion which was at odds to staffs conclusions.

Replacing structures which have stood for decades, but would not pass current standards will likely be the major economic driver of Nanaimo going forward. Providing the residents are able to keep picking up the tab for these major projects.



  1. if they were in the prized north end they would be saved

  2. I agree anonymous,its destruction is going to put a lot of pressure on nanaimo river and westwood lake in the summer.


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