Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Comes To Canada

Huge USA Sales Day Comes To Canada

Canadian merchants are no longer sitting idly by watching massive retailing dollars flow across the border into the United States on their biggest sales day of the year.

Traditionally in the US the day after Thanksgiving is the day Americans flocked to the stores to take advantage of deep discounts and huge bargains being offered by merchants. The name Black Friday is reference to the fact that this is the day when merchants begin to operate in the black (in profit) once again.

Most Canadian retailers have been getting onboard the Black Friday express in recent years but this is the first week I remember nearly all the shopping flyers making a reference to the Black Friday sales, which actually run all weekend long in many cases.

For the serious shopper who still has room on their credit cards, some genuine bargains can be had, however, like all sales, once you are in the store, it is sometimes hard to resist buying something else that isn't necessarily such a bargain.


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