Saturday, November 17, 2012

City Hall Logic

 "Tax Exemptions Have No Impact On City's Budget"

I recently was reading a copy of the staff report regards the decision to exempt the pub in the train station for a period of ten years.

The report said that council has four options to consider ranging from no exemption, $30,000 a year for 5 years, $15,000/yr for 10 years or $30,000/yr for 10 years. Staff recommended the most costly option which was $30,000/yr. for ten years.

Staff have not been able to confirm if the lack of an exemption would have meant the train station reno would not have gone ahead, and don't seem clear as to why they recommended the most costly option.

Those points aside what was most revealing about how city staff and city council apparently view such tax exemptions came under the heading "Budget Considerations" in which it is stated "As with any tax exemption, there is no impact on the City's budget."

How in hell can you claim that allowing a tax exemption of $300,000 would have no impact on the City's budget? Only the brain trust at city hall would subscribe to that logic, and sadly those elected councilors seem to agree.


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  1. It's all in the way they look at things.... The cost of running the City stays the same regardless of whether any of us pays any taxes. Of course it won't be running long......


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