Friday, November 30, 2012

City & SD68 Agree To Get Along

City and SD68 sign Collaboration Agreement

(Nanaimo, November 29, 2012) – In the spirit of supporting a shared responsibility for community well-being, Nanaimo City Council and the Board of Education of School District 68 (Nanaimo-Ladysmith) have signed a collaboration agreement that will see the two organizations work closely together on initiatives of mutual interest.

“Local government is most effective when steps are taken to build effective working relationships that promote and improve the needs of our community”, said Nanaimo City Mayor, John Ruttan. “I look forward to the improved dialogue between our organizations this agreement will soon bring.” 

SD68 Board Chair Jamie Brennan said, “The students and parents of our district expect us to demonstrate that harmony and co-operation can lead to great things. We look forward to a continuing positive dialogue with our partners in local governance. This collaboration agreement is an excellent beginning.”

Central to the agreement is the creation of the Staff Working Committee. Comprised of senior staff from both organizations, the committee will seek to improve timely communication and cooperation across a variety of areas, including: land use planning, environmental protection, transportation and traffic management, capacity building and several other initiatives of joint importance. The Committee will provide both advice to Council and the Board as well as implement decisions of the Council and the Board on specific projects and initiatives.

The agreement was approved by the Board at their public meeting Wednesday night and will be approved by Council at their public meeting next Monday.


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