Friday, November 09, 2012

Colliery Dam Closures Open House

A steady stream of Harewood residents filed into the Harewood Activity Centre on 4th Street to see what the city has planned for the demolition of the two dams and the restoration of the Chase River Creek bed.

When I arrived at 4:00 pm there were no parking spots in the lot and it remained that way for the two hours I was in attendance. The display consisted mainly of the same graphics which appear on the city website except they are blown up into poster size for display purposes.

Many city staff were present to answer questions but the general din of the room made it near impossible to hear how concerns and questions were being dealt with.

Of the people I spoke with I would say they were split about 50/50 when it comes to being convinced this is the right move for their area with some questioning the need to remove the dams altogether. There was more than one person speculating that the real reason for emptying the dams was to enable future development of the land through that area.

A general distrust for what they were being told is a common theme. Even those who felt in the interest of public safety removing the dams was the thing to do, many were still not convinced the danger was as real as presented by staff.

Several people who claim to know the area feel that once the dams are gone there is going to be a very ugly, deep ravine exposed which will in no way resemble the park they have all come to enjoy using over the years. There is nothing to compare with this park in all of Harewood and the loss of it is troubling to many who find it is a free, safe place for their kids to go and just have a good time.



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  2. This morning I walked at Colliery Dam with my daugther, the dog and so there was other people as well. Eveyone I talked to were upset, very upset. This Dam has been around for over 100 yrs build in the years of the coal era. There has been earthquake and all, the Dam always did very good. The nature around has welcome that dam with open arms and conform to it. People have used and still use this area for birthdays, weddings, ashes of loves one is in the water and this is where their love ones are sleeping. In the summer great number of children and young adult enjoying the swimming as well as First Nation children from the area. People of all ages enjoying the fishing and it is so relaxing. People are going to leave Nanaimo one day because of its egocentric behavior toward its environment. We are not in the plains here and people come to live here because of theses beautiful nature surrounding. A little girl from Vancouver Island name Jeannine went to the Mayo clinic recently for second opinion and they found old tumor attach to her spine. People of the Island and BC pull together and they send her over because she means something to all of us. The benefit for this society outweigh the propose risks invented by some buyess researchers and I believe to pay for expert opinons from our side would benefit this challenging issue.


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