Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Concerns About ICF Funding

More Scrutiny Needed By Regional Districts

In a guest comment piece in the Bulletin, Jim Sturgill warns Island taxpayers that they need to be concerned about current funding requests before regional districts.

Mr. Sturgill is a member of the E&N Railway Action Group, a railway consultant and former E & N locomotive engineer.

In Mr. Sturgill's article he points to many disturbing observations about how the ICF has been conducting the business of this railway for quite sometime. Not the least concerning is the lack of a credible business plan and seemingly unrealistic claims as to the actual costs to restore rail service.

There are conflicting reports as to the cost to repair trestles and bridges as well as ICF having no commitment from VIA Rail to resume passenger service. ICF also receives some $340,000 annually from Telus for telecommunications lines running along the rail line and the question of what is being done with those funds remains unanswered.

To read Mr. Sturgill's complete article visit the Bulletins online page here.

Comment: Has anyone ever seen an accounting of how the ICF conducts it's business, for example what kind of payrolls are being paid to Br. Bruce and others? The foundation seems to have income from Telus, the few freight trains using the line and of course some rentals from car dealers in Nanaimo for the use of space along the tracks to display their cars, rental income from the Nanaimo train station etc. Since it is not obvious how they are using their funds, and they are totaling tax funded, there needs to be far more transparency around this organization.



  1. Jim Sturgill is a bitter man after being let-go by the ICF and replaced by actual professional railroad people, when he was part of the ICF he had the same agenda as them with some things that he could not discuss with non-members and such.
    His motives are unclear but they in no way are helping the E&N.
    Some of his past statements have been a mish mash of have truths and lies and all I know is that his end-game is to see the ICF fail, this is truly sad because he was a good man with good intentions but it has become personal now and he is truly off the rails.
    I was a long time friend of Jim , I hope he can get over this and move on with his life .

  2. Is there a current financial statement available for public scrutiny?


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