Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Council Invites Ombudsperson - Best Practices Guide

City Council is extending an invitation to Ms. Kim S. Carter, Ombudsperson to speak to Council with regards her office's recent report.

The report is titled Open Meetings: Best Practices Guide for Local Governments. The offer from her office was to address council to speak about the guide and explain the Ombudsperson's role in promoting and fostering fairness in public administration.

In a statement from her office recently Ms Carter said:

“One of the cornerstones of open and transparent government in British Columbia is the requirement for local governments to conduct meetings that are open and accessible to the public,” says Carter. “This guide is intended to help them comply with the statutory requirements, to improve consistency in practice and to showcase the best practices to follow in fulfilling open meeting requirements.”

It was not known if her address to council would be made at a meeting open to the public.


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