Monday, November 05, 2012

Dam Open House - A Well Kept Secret?

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The above screen grab comes from todays digital version of the local daily. You will not find this notice on the city's website home page or page related to the dam removal project.

It could be the city really doesn't want the public any more involved in this whole process than they have to be.

There is no question these dams will be taken out, the real reason may be shrouded and may not stand scrutiny, but then again that is what the city does best.

It was noted by the city works department that these dams have outlived their purpose, which was originally to wash coal. It seems the use of providing some first class recreational areas for the residents of Harewood and the rest of Nanaimo is no longer considered a useful purpose.

You have to wonder, just how many disasters we think we can protect ourselves against anyway. These dams have been standing for 100 years, we have been drinking Nanaimo water for 150 years, yet both are now considered to present an unacceptable risk to public safety.



  1. If anybody on city counsel ever want to get off the cities hate list and have any hope or running again
    they better think again of wasting so much money on something that could happen. If there is ever an earthquake the down town would be buried in water long before Harewood just like Japan was. How stupid can you people get

  2. You can find most of this information on the Nanaimo city website, it's not a big secret. Stop making things bigger than they really are.

  3. Where on the city website were these meetings posted? There was this tiny ad on page three of the paper, the same day of the meeting.

    This whole affair was conducted in-camera ...... that is a BIG deal when these types of issues are dealt with out of the public eye. Is this the new 'transparent' city council we voted for?

  4. Sure you can find information AFTER the decisions were made IN SECRET behind closed doors.

    Sadly, Shalyn represents what is wrong with many in our democracy. Can't see anything wrong with possibly an illegal and certainly gross misuse of the in-camera process.

  5. And Shalyn - not everybody has a computer and internet access. Furthermore, it is not up to us to have to search and ferret out information about what our City Council is up to. They are supposed to communicate with us.

    Anyway, I'm so burned out from the Harbour Devitalization fight, that I don't have energy to fight about the dam - another beautiful spot being destroyed by this secretive Council and their cronies. Probably there is a (possibly U.S.) developer behind all this, who wants to shove up cheap townhouses, or another Starbucks and department stores where our lovely pond and forest is.

    But who cares if the dam is the last bit of fresh water to swim in the South End. We're just poor people, and if we want recreation, we can walk or take the bus up the the North End.

  6. We are living in the Information Age, if you are looking hard enough - you'll find the information you need.

  7. I find it difficult to converse with people who haven't done their research or discussed these issues with their city council. The park will remain a park, minus a gross swimming hole. As much most people dislike change, it has to occur.

  8. Shalyn; you seem to be missing the main point, which is how this whole decision was made in the first place.
    The lack of openly advertising the public meets is typical of how much the city really wants to involve the public.
    There still is NO where on the city site which advertises these public meetings? You should not have to 'look hard enough' to find a scheduled public meeting.
    There was NO reason for all the behind closed doors secrecy, which is a trademark of this city hall.
    'Gross swimming hole' ...... you sure know how to offend.


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