Thursday, November 22, 2012

Designated Drivers Are NOT The Least Drunk!

Designated Drivers Decide In Advance Not To Drink

ICBC Offers The Following Advice

Designated drivers get you home with care.

Plan your ride  
Recently we asked the public what it takes to be a designated driver. Many people told us that the least drunk person often becomes the designated driver by default. 
Unfortunately, it's this type of thinking plus a lack of planning that leads to impaired driving crashes on our roads.  In fact, the only time to decide how to get home safely is before you start drinking. Otherwise, it's too late. That's why we're reminding everyone to designate a driver before your first round of drinks arrives.

Being a designated driver is a shared responsibility

You can promote safe driving and encourage your friends and family to make smart choices. Set a positive example and take turns being the designated driver.

Remember, a designated driver is the person who decides not to drink so that they can drive others home safely.


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